Smart Lighting

Smart lighting can brighten up a single room or entire house. Complement the color tone and ambience of your home interiors through smart lighting. Control multiple rooms or the entire house with just a simple click.

Simply choose preset scenarios for each room such as:

Reading Mode : Draws opens the curtain such that your room is filled with natural light while gradually reducing speaker volume to null.

Relaxed Lounge : Dims Down your Lights to 35% while Turning On your Music playlist from the comfort of your warm bed.

Leaving Home : A Single Click Turns Off all the lights . Saving you Time and Effort to physically go and switch off lights in each room.


Set the Mood with Dextro Scenes, when you step in your Drawing Room click “Welcome Guests” Fade In your Accent Lights for a Warm Welcome also lights your Lobbies to eliminate dark areas.

You could also make your house appear occupied while you are away by randomly turning lights off and on in different rooms. Activate lighting scenes which enhance the beauty of your Water Falls or emphasize on your spectacular interiors.

Design your Garden light hues to fade in gradually, complementing the sunset beautifully.


Unparalleled experience to control your entire Eco-System such as Lighting, Entertainment, Security from a Single Application. Our Customized solutions even offer to control your Home Theaters, Smart Garage Door Sync with your personal cars, Pool Depth Control, etc.

Give your house a new look using centralized wiring by replacing ordinary Tic-Tac switches to smarter looking keypads or Tablets. Simply place your iPad docking station at the entry of your house and carry it everywhere to control each room.


You could ask Alexa to control lighting in your house while you are busy on other tasks

Alexa, Turn On Bed Room Lights.
Alexa, Turn On Lobby Lights.
Alexa, Turn Off Bar Lights.
Alexa, Turn On Party Mode.

You could also Alexa to control various other devices as well, such as curtains, digital door locks, geysers, TV’s, Fans, etc.