Future Proofing

Building the ultimate smart home requires a lot knowledge, planning, experience and requires the expertise of a professionally certified system integrator.

The aim of Future Proofing is to provide homeowners, builders, electricians and developers with guidance for the installation of a Professional Cabling Infrastructure that is important to support today’s Lifestyle.

Structured Wiring & Auto CAD

Our knowledge experience and updated certification enables us to design your dream smart home ergonomically. All schematics or electrical AUTO CAD drawings are prepared with finalization of the structured design of your home. This Empowers us to integrate and distribute Internet, Television, Satellite, Stored Files and entertainment resources such as Movies, Soaps & Music and other communication systems across your home without having to add or modify any additional wires later.

Best practices in Execution

Dextro engineers are hands on involved in the site right from the electrical design discussion of wiring layout to guiding and supervising electrician on site.
We take care of all wire planning and management of Smart Lighting, Communication using IP-BAX, Immersive Audio layout in each room as well as Access Control Systems..

Latest Tech

We help design your house around technology devices you would like to build your smart home with. You can leverage hidden displays using multi-axis motors, smart glass films and gadgets such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, Robotic Home Vacuum Cleaners, Smart Kettles, Smart Fire Places, Intelligent Microwaves are taken care such as these devices can be just plugged and played by you in future.

Future Proofing your house saves a Huge Infrastructure Investment, you could purchase these devices later as per need.