Comfort and Convenience

Climate control

Reaching home after a Hot & Exhausting Day, your cooling would have already turned on to welcome you to a chilled relaxing environment.

Set temperature for different rooms from your Home Automation App, even while sitting in your garden.

Integrate your Dextro system with your Heated flooring or Standalone air purifiers, always wake up to a warm flooring and fresh air.

Remote access:

No matter where you are access your full home security systems cameras, door locks and lights on your Smart Home Application.
Watch live stream and let people access certain area of your home with remotely controlled door locks and sliding gate.

Turn On your geysers for Hot Water en route your home so that you can just straight away have a Shower without having to wait for the water to heat.

Garden Automation

Whether you are on a vacation or too busy to maintain your exotic flowers. We program the irrigation system of your house which would be in sync with the current weather condition and soil moisture condition.

Control Drip Irrigation of your Garden sitting anywhere in the world and enjoy the greens even after a month long vacation.